ATP adds McCauley prop overhaul manuals

ATP, a provider of safety and compliance information to the aviation industry, has added McCauley propeller overhaul manuals to its technical publications library.

Subscriptions for each McCauley propeller model may be acquired in addition to ATP’s existing McCauley service information library, and include one year of revision management services. The addition of this information enables customers all over the world to acquire McCauley overhaul documentation to add to their current engine, airframe, appliance and regulatory library subscriptions from ATP.

Customers can choose to access these digital libraries with the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service with new iPad access, as well as the NavigatorV Desktop Platform. With the ATP Aviation Hub Online Service, updates and revisions from ATP are automatically incorporated into McCauley overhaul manuals on a daily basis, supporting the currency, regulatory compliance and safety efforts of maintenance operations, ATP officials said.

ATP provides safety and compliance information for the aviation market.


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