3M Laminating Bulker introduced

3M introduces 3M Laminating Bulker for fiberglass construction applications.

3M Laminating Bulker is a non-woven polyester mat with uniform holes designed for resin flow. Available in thicknesses of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5mm as well as one- or two-meter wide rolls, the material lends itself to a broad range of applications, according to company officials.

3M Laminating Bulker offers fabricator-preferred irrigation in order to accept resin and allow air to escape. With frequent perforations, the material offers better wetout and creation of more vertical links, company officials said. The perforations also allow trapped air bubbles to be easily evacuated throughout the laminate.

The product’s multi-weave binder allows pre-wetting without deteriorating or tearing. Because it is engineered with a multi-directional fiber orientation, 3M Laminating Bulker provides equal strength characteristics in both length and width directions. The multi-directional fibers also help in wetting out the laminate equally in both directions. Additionally, the product provides constant nominal thickness throughout the part.

For more information: 855-380-6553, 3M.com

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