New STC’d muffler system for Cessna 120s, 140s and 150s

The FAA has approved the addition of Cessna 150 models L & M to Wag-Aero’s existing approval for Cessna models 120, 140 and 150 A through K for a complete muffler system.

The left-hand replacing OEM part number 0450400-3, Catalog Number E-477-001, is available for $369.50. The righthand replacing OEM part number 0450400-26, Catalog Number E-477-002, is available for $353.

For more than 51 years, Wag-Aero has been a manufacturer and distributor of aircraft parts for the general aviation and LSA industries. The company’s catalog features a full line of instruments, wheels and brakes, tires, covering materials, engine mounts, exhaust systems, seat belts and harnesses, consumables, ELT’S, ground support equipment, lighting, fuel tanks and components, windsocks and frames and runway lights.

For information: 800-558-6868,

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