PS Engineerings brings back ‘Plug and Pay-No Pay’

PS Engineering is bringing back its incentive program known as “Plug ‘N Play – No Pay.” Aircraft owners with a GMA340 audio selector panel can upgrade to one of the PMA8000 series audio panels without installation labor costs, as part of the limited time offer.

Company Vice President Gary Picou, said, “We understand that the cost of flying is ever increasing, and pilots are being pinched from many directions. In an effort to help aircraft owners get the most out of their airplane, on each of their flights, and to keep out of pocket costs to a minimum, we’ve decided to pay the labor portion of the GMA340 to PMA8000-series audio panel upgrade.”

This upgrade offers pilots:

  • Monitor Mode
  • Front Panel Music input
  • Front panel cellular telephone input
  • Four music muting modes
  • IntelliVox automatic intercom squelch
  • Radio recorder

The “Monitor Mode” allows the pilot to select one Com as the primary radio while the other becomes the secondary. When the primary radio becomes active, the audio panel mutes the secondary radio, allowing uninterrupted ATC communications, company officials explained.

A continuous loop digital recorder allows instant play back of radio messages, helping to identify if the call was for them and what instructions were given, ultimately reducing the number of times a pilot has to ask “Say Again?”

A cellular telephone interface comes standard with the PMA8000B, thanks to the front panel utility jack. You can place calls to ATC while on the ground with the engine running, and get your IFR clearance through your phone. With the PMA8000BT, the Bluetooth wireless connection eliminates all wires cluttering the cockpit. The Bluetooth integrated system available in PMA8000BT allows wireless connections to Smartphones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, or practically any other Bluetooth enabled device.

The PMA8000 series has PS Engineering’s automatic intercom squelch protocol known as IntelliVox. This system eliminates adjustments of knobs and ensures proper setting of the intercom trip levels for each of the microphones, company officials said.

Pilots frequently request more control over the music muting. The PMA8000-series now provides four different music muting modes. By pressing the “Mute” button, the pilot can select Mute On, Mute Off, Intercom Mute, and Radio Mute. In addition, the pilot can now enjoy listening to music even in Isolate intercom mode.

The Plug and Play–No Pay Program starts Oct. 11 and ends Feb. 28, 2013. By purchasing and having the upgrade performed by a participating PS Engineering dealer,. PS Engineering pays the installation labor costs associated with the plug-and-play upgrade from a GMA340 audio panel.

The list price on the PMA8000B is $1,895, the PMA8000BT, with Bluetooth connectivity, is $2,095, and the PMA8000C is $2,195.

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