CIES digital fuel level sender receives TSO approval

REDMOND, Ore. — CIES Corporation has received FAA TSO C55a approval for its line of digital fuel level senders.

The float-based fuel level senders are designed to replace the majority of the existing fuel level sending systems in general aviation aircraft. The proprietary and patented system provides a new level of accuracy, reliability, and stability to fuel level indication in the cockpit, according to company officials.

CIES meets a TSO standard of 2% variance in tank volume without running wires in the tank. This means pilots with CIES fuel senders can trust their fuel gauges, company officials sadd.

Charlie Babb, General Manager of CIES said, “After the successful introduction at the beginning of 2012 of our senders on all new Cirrus production aircraft, we began working with other manufacturers and owners groups to provide specific fuel level sending solutions for production and legacy aircraft. The next logical step was to acquire FAA certification to validate our quality control system and lean manufacturing processes while making aircraft integration and approval significantly easier to obtain.”

The CIES fuel level senders require a dedicated digital fuel level display to ensure that the 2% accuracy achieved in the fuel tank is provided in the cockpit as well. As a result, CIES fuel level senders work with instruments from Aerospace Logic (200 Series) and J.P. Instruments (EDM 930). CIES officials report they worked with Aerospace Logic to amend their existing Supplemental Type Certificate to expand the number of aircraft the CIES system will work with to 50 different makes of aircraft. A frequency to voltage conversion box for other engine management systems is available.

Sender units will retail for $485 each according to CIES President Scott Philiben.

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