Protect your plane during fall flying

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – The folks at Bruce’s Custom Covers know that fall flying can be some of the most spectacular for pilots, but there are also some hazards that pilots need to be aware of.

“With the changing colors come a rash of undesirable weather conditions,” company officials noted in a release. “These include airborne particles, frost and precipitation, gusty winds, flash storms, and more. Protecting an aircraft from the elements is essential, as is protection from FOD, or foreign object debris.

“Common hazards throughout the fall flying season include airborne debris from trees, dust and pollen. These items can remain stuck to an aircraft’s exterior and can embed over time into most any surface,” officials continued. “This invasive fall FOD will affect an aircraft’s paint and can harm windows making them hazy, scratched, and even distorted. Additionally, the sun’s rays are constantly working on an aircraft with harmful ultraviolet radiation. Then there are morning frosts, a regular occurrence in the fall season. Routine cycles of sun and frost will affect an airplane’s interior, causing damage to plastics and upholstery, even avionics. A custom fitted aircraft cover can keep an airplane’s interior sealed, temperate, and dry, alleviating many of these problems.”

Bruce’s Custom Covers is the original designer and manufacturer of protective aircraft covering systems for airplanes, jets, helicopters, gliders, QEC off-link jet engines and ground service equipment.

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