Enhanced GPUs now available

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Audio Authority Corp. has introduced its Enhanced Flight Models 2870A and 2835A Ground Power Units (GPUs). These latest generation GPUs for piston, turboprop and jet aircraft up to 12,500 pounds, provide a maximum continuous 28-volt output of 70 or 35 amps respectively, a 16% increase.

Enhanced Flight GPUs have been tested with a variety of aircraft including Cessna, Piper, and Cirrus pistons, plus Meridian, TBM, PC12, Mustang, CJs, Lear 31A, King Air, and Twin Commander turbines, company officials said.

Unique to these new GPUs is the factory-installed option of a fully integrated BatteryMINDer for $250, officials noted. Partnering with VDC Electronics, Audio Authority is offering the three-stage smart battery charger, maintainer, and de-sulfator built into either GPU model. This implementation of the BatteryMINDer technology features an ambient temperature sensor embedded into the charger’s output cable to automatically regulate its output and prevent over or under charging over a wide range of temperatures, company officials explained.

The BatteryMINDer is designed to remain connected to the aircraft battery continuously while in hangar storage to maintain the ship’s battery fully-charged and restore lost battery capacity with its patented high-frequency, low-current pulse technology, greatly extending useful battery life.

The GPU BatteryMINDer option also provides certified aircraft with an airworthy alternative to the typical automotive-grade battery charger wiring. Its Airframe Interface Kit enables a licensed mechanic to install the aviation-grade battery harness on certified aircraft for a quick connect/disconnect point that fully complements the BatteryMINDer’s “plug-N-run” design. The simple installation qualifies as a minor alteration (no FAA Form 337 required) so the aircraft can be returned to service with a simple maintenance log entry, company officials said.

Enhanced Flight brand GPUs feature digital output meters for both voltage and current, a detachable front-panel output cable, and removable caddies for cord & tool storage. The design represents a dramatic departure in ground power design for aircraft owners, maintenance and avionics shops, dealers, FBOs, and aircraft manufacturers. Its lightweight, easily portable design utilizes high-efficiency switching-mode power technology to provide stable, noise-free DC power that perfectly replicates the in-flight electrical environment. Common uses include:

  • Power for a thorough pre-flight inspection and battery top-off
  • Cockpit procedures training, familiarity and practice
  • Avionics testing, programming, and database updates
  • Cabin heating and ventilation
  • Entertainment systems
  • Aircraft systems troubleshooting and maintenance

Pricing starts at $795 for the 35-amp Model 2835A, and $1,195 for the 70-amp Model 2870A. Availability is immediate from AudioAuthority.com and through national distributors, Sporty’s Pilot Shop and Aircraft Spruce & Specialty. Enhanced Flight GPUs are designed and assembled in the USA.

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