Tecnam launches P92 Echo Classic Light

Tecnam North America will launch the new P92 Echo Classic Light priced at $74,999 through the end of 2012.

Tecnam officials say the manufacturer has responded to market demand for a no frills, basic, aircraft that retains the flight characteristics of the P92 family of aircraft.

Prices start at $74,999 for a day VFR aircraft powered by a Rotax 912UL 80-hp engine that can use standard grades of automotive fuel.

Other features include:

  • All metal construction for structural components
  • Special light weight seats that are fully adjustable in flight
  • Steerable nose gear with center handbrake
  • Single fuel tank holding 11.9 gallons (second tank optional)
  • All required day VFR instrumentation for flight outside of controlled airspace
  • MTOW 1,102 lbs
  • Standard useful load 496 lbs., 424lbs of payload
  • Max Cruise 103 kts
  • Endurance 3 hours (single tank)
  • Standard two year/200 hour manufacturer’s warranty

For more information: Tecnam.net, or 804-798-6500

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