Astronics Max-Viz-1500 STC for King Airs expanded

Astronics Corp. recently received an amended Supplemental Type Certificate expanding the number of Beechcraft King Air aircraft that can be equipped with the Astronics Max-Viz-1500 enhanced vision system to include all King Air models equipped with any video-capable multi function display.

Astronics Max-Viz-1500 Enhanced Vision System permits pilots to see clearly at night and up to eight to 10 times farther than the unaided human eye in many conditions of obscured visibility, according to company officials.

The amended FAA STC expands the number of Max-Viz-1500 video-capable Multi Function Displays to include Garmin’s G500, G600 and G1000, Avidyne’s Entegra Release 9, Universal Avionics’ 890R, and any other video-capable MFD. In addition, King Airs with video-capable electronic flight bags are compatible with Astronics Max-Viz-1500. Previously, the Astronics Max-Viz-1500 was only available on King Airs equipped with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics.

Hawker Beechcraft Global Customer Support is the exclusive provider of the Astronics Max-Viz-1500 for installation on Beechcraft King Air B200, B300 and C90 series aircraft.

Astronics Max-Viz enhanced vision systems are designed for turbine and piston fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The systems use infrared sensors, signal processing, and cockpit display to show terrain, runways, taxiways, aircraft and obstacles in poor visibility conditions including light fog, haze, smoke, brown/whiteout, light precipitation and darkness.

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