Jet flies on 100% biofuel

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) recently flew a Falcon 20 jet powered by 100% unblended biofuel.

“This historic flight symbolizes a significant step not only for the aerospace industry, but also towards advancing sustainable sources of renewable energy,” officials said in a prepared statement.

The NRC’s T-33 (left) tails the Falcon 20 during the test flight.

“I have now flown the world’s first 100% biofuel flight,” said Tim Leslie, one of NRC’s pilots. “We have been working hard with our partners for many months, and it is most rewarding to see it all come together. It is truly inspiring to take this step towards an eco-friendly future!”

The pure biofuel flowed into the engines of the Falcon 20 — one of NRC’s specifically-equipped and the best-suited jet for this challenge, according to officials — as it flew over Canada’s capital.

A second aircraft, the NRC’s T-33, outfitted with an array of under-wing sensors, tailed the Falcon in flight and collected information on the emissions generated by the biofuel. Research experts at the National Research Council will analyze this information to better understand the environmental impact of biofuel. Preliminary results are expected to be released in the following weeks.

The biofuel used for this flight was transformed by Applied Research Associates and Chevron Lummus Global using oilseed crops commercialized by Agrisoma Bioscience Inc. This aviation initiative is funded by the Government of Canada’s Clean Transportation Initiatives and the Green Aviation Research and Development Network.

To view a video of Tim Leslie, NRC pilot, talking about the biofuel initiative, click here.

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