Washington state airplane owners asked to participate in audit

About 200 randomly selected Washington state aircraft owners are being asked to participate in a routine, internal audit of the state’s aircraft registration program.

Selected recipients will receive a letter from the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Internal Audit Office sometime this month, requesting the following information:

  • Aircraft registration payment information for 2012, including the aircraft tail number, date of payment, check number (if applicable), and dollar amount.
  • Exemption information for 2012, including applicable documentation.
  • Each letter will include a self-addressed stamped envelope for aircraft owners to submit their responses.

WSDOT’s Aviation Division requested this internal audit to ensure that the aircraft registration program continues to be transparent and accountable, state officials said. Most general aviation aircraft in Washington state are required to register with WSDOT.

This audit is independent of WSDOT Aviation.

For more information: Tandi Reyes, WSDOT audit specialist, 360-705-7007 or ReyesTF@wsdot.wa.gov.

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