ASA updates Flight Instructor Refresher Course

ASA’s online FAA-approved Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC), which provides everything CFIs need to renew their flight instructor certificate for another two years, was recently updated.

The Internet-based curriculum consists of lessons with evaluation, resources, and course tracking, supported with multi-media presentations. The home-study course lets instructors renew at their own pace, and in the comfort and privacy of their own place, ASA officials note.

Applicants can complete the ASA FIRC on all of their internet-connected devices. After login from their desktop, laptop, smartphone, iPad or other tablet computer, the course knows where they left off regardless of which device was last used. Users can review all lesson components even after completion of the course to serve as a refresher, too, with access available for 24 months after course registration date, ASA officials said.

The ASA FIRC meets Advisory Circular (AC) 61-83G requirements and contains a full review of recent changes in rules and procedures affecting general aviation and flight instruction. Price: $124.95.

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