Aviation resources for K-12 teachers now online

The Society of Aviation & Flight Educators (SAFE) recently expanded its online Resource Center. In addition to content tailored to flight, ground, avionics, and maintenance technology instructors, new material has been added specifically for K-12 teachers and educators involved in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines.

Although most of the content in the Resource Center is exclusively for SAFE members, the organization also maintains a Public Resource Center with training aids, free syllabi, and other material.

In response to a survey of teachers conducted by SAFE’s K-12 Resources Group during AirVenture 2012, an annotated list of online resources was recently added to the Public section. The six-page list was vetted by SAFE and is designed to save time for K-12 teachers looking to introduce aviation and aerospace themes into their classrooms.

According to SAFE Executive Director Doug Stewart, “Our goal is to continue to provide aviation educators — members and non-members alike — with useful and easy-to-access educational resources and thanks to our working relationship with the FAA, members can now access the SAFE-created FAASTeam Flight Instructor Open Forums directly from our Resource Center.”

For more information: SafePilots.org

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