TRI-NAV expands line of flight planning atlases

TRI-NAV Aviation Chart Co. has expanded its line of bound flight planning atlases to cover both IFR and VFR flights for the continental U.S. and the Islands of the Bahamas & Caribbean.

Whether you fly VFR or IFR, proper flight planning and having up to date charts on board are essential to a safe flight, company officials say, notingTRI NAV flight planning atlas and charts combines all of these features into one convenient bound atlas.

TRI-NAV Flight Planning Atlas (IFR with VFR info): To plan an IFR flight you would have to reference many different sources but one TRI NAV flight planning atlas has all of the information you need, company officials say, adding the TRI NAV charts are good for one full year with the free FAA updates.

Divided into three sections, North, South and West, each TRI NAV IFR atlas covers a large area for those long cross country trips while also containing detailed local information, including: A Rand McNally road map, a cross country planning chart, miles between airports, radio frequencies of all U.S. towered airports, a topographical map of the U.S. and a legend.

A TRI NAV IFR atlas has all VFR and IFR info together that would allow you to cancel an IFR flight plan for a visual VFR approach or fly VFR and get an IFR pop-up.

Each TRI-NAV IFR chart has Victor airways, intersections, airports, city locations, VORs, DMEs, airport frequencies including weather, major roadways and waterways, MOAs, airspaces, sector altitudes and more.

TRI-NAV VFR Sectional Atlas – (VFR only): Each VFR Sectional Atlas includes radio frequencies for towers, approach control, Restricted Airspace & MOAs along with a Sectional Legend. These atlases are printed using the same size layout as a folded FAA Sectional for easy reading and each page has an expanded overlap along with an easy to follow page numbering system, company officials said.

Divided into four sections, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest each TRI NAV VFR Sectional atlas replaces a large number of Sectional charts and include free FAA updates.

TRI-NAV Bahamas & Caribbean Atlas – (IFR&VFR): The TRI NAV Bahamas & Caribbean Atlas has a unique chart that contains both IFR and VFR information that allows you to cruise the out Islands from Ft. Pierce, Florida, all the way out to Mayaguana. It also Includes information from all of these FAA Charts: WAC CH-25 & CJ-26, Miami Sectional , IFR Enroutes L-23, H-8, and L-5.

The TRI NAV Bahamas & Caribbean Atlas also includes: Bahamas airport information, enlarged area maps of the major islands, US Customs regulations with contact info, Aircraft Declaration Form (C7) for entry into the Bahamas, a flying checklist for outward and inward bound flights, frequencies for weather, tower and ground for major airports and chart legend with both IFR & VFR Info.

Every 28 days for a full year, TRI NAV subscribers receive free FAA updates. These free updates means you will always be legal for flight in the event of an FAA ramp check, company officials said.

For more information: or 772-812-7540

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