New Gleim Flight Instructor Flight Maneuvers book released

Gleim Publications, Inc. has released a new edition of its Flight Instructor’s Flight Maneuvers book. This 5th edition incorporates  new features to help CFI candidates pass all portions of their practical test, historically one of the hardest to pass, Gleim officials note.

More than 100 pages of new content has been added that includes coverage of all the recently changed CFI PTS tasks. Of special interest is an increased focus on the instructional effectiveness in flight training. With a high drop-out rate among student pilots, much emphasis has been put on not only explaining facts to students, but how these facts will transition into their future aviation careers, officials add.

Other features of this new edition include:

  • An expanded Oral Exam Guide to include all aspects of the oral and practical exam
  • Completely updated coverage of FOI subject matter
  • Full color images to simply explain all flight maneuvers.

Price: $30.95.

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