Air Zoo adds Mini-Max to its collection

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — The Air Zoo is now home to a new plane — an 1100 R Mini-Max.

The 1100 R Mini-Max is an ultra light aircraft kit that was primarily used for recreational flying. The wooden, mid-wing, open cockpit aircraft features a single engine and one seat.

Dale Schieber, of Galesburg, originally purchased the kit from JDT Mini-MAX, which is now known as Team Mini-Max. Schieber began construction on the plane in 2006, but passed away in early 2012 before he could complete it. His wife, Ardith, donated the Mini-Max to the Air Zoo.

The Mini-Max is currently on display in the Air Zoo’s East Campus, where visitors may view its ongoing construction process.

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    The picture shows the #2 miniMAX, built by the designer Wayne Ison, being flown over middle Tennessee, near Harry Hargis’s Cedar Glade Aerodrome. Harry generously allowed Team Aircraft to keep #1 and #2 aircraft in his hanger. The year was 1984.
    I believe #2 Max later went to a dealer in Texas where it still may be. Can anyone shed some light on that?
    The Max in the picture performed beautifully powered by the Rotax 277 (28 HP). It was /is a great flying plane….a joy to fly!! A real tribute to Wayne’s design.

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