Flight Guide iEFB updated

Flight Guide iEFB v.5.0, which features ADS-B in-flight weather, is now available.

Flight Guide iEFB is compatible with a number of ADS-B hardware devices, according to company officials. ADS-B devices receive signals from FAA ADS-B ground stations, decode and transmit data to Flight Guide iEFB via Bluetooth or WiFi. Flight Guide iEFB displays the color coded NEXRAD weather as a chart overlay, as well as displaying METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs on the Flight Guide iEFB “Airport” pages (Winds Aloft, PIREPs & TFRs available January 2013 with v5.1). ADS-B Weather provides increased situational awareness and increases flight safety. ADS-B weather is a FREE service, no monthly subscription fee is required.

Features include:

  • ADS-B Weather Overlay. The “Chart Layer Tool”, located on the “Charts” page, now includes a high resolution ADS-B Weather and ADS-B Ground Station Overlay to display on all of VFR and IFR Flight Planning Seamless charts. This includes live in-flight updating of METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs.
  • ADS-B Hardware Receiver. ADS-B hardware compatibility options include: SkyRadar-L & SkyRadar-D2. Flight Guide iEFB v5.1 available January 2013, will be compatible with the new DUAL XGPS170. Future Flight Guide iEFB updates will be compatible with Sagetech’s Clarity Core & EFT’s PADS WxBox.
  • NEXRAD Pre-Flight Weather Overlay. The NEXRAD weather overlay option, via the internet, now re-draws faster, updates regularly and displays at a higher resolution. Color Bar legend is also included.
  • Enhanced Floating Compass Rose. The Floating Compass Rose now includes a “degree indicator” for a useful visual of course heading.
  • Flight Plan “Waypoint Smart Search/Add” Tool. The “Waypoint Smart Search/Add” tool allows you to quickly search and add waypoints to your current flight plan by typing an airport identifier, airport name, city, NAVAID or Intersection. This feature is available on the “Charts”, “Airports” and “Flight Plan” pages.
  • Direct To Fix Flight Plan Option. You now have the option when calling up an airport in the “Airports” page or when adding waypoints in the “Charts” page to quickly create a “Direct To Fix” flight plan. GPS sync is not needed for this feature.
  • Guardian Aero 454 /Garmin Integration. This certified hardware device from Guardian Avionics creates a wireless “link” between Flight Guide iEFB and your Garmin GPS receiver for a “Connected Panel” option. This includes the Garmin 430, 530 GNS650, GNS750, G900 &G1000. Flight Plans and GPS sync are sent to your iPad running Flight Guide iEFB as well as the ability to remotely change your Garmin SL30 & SL40 nav/comm transceiver from Flight Guide iEFB’s “Charts” & “Airports” pages. Click Here for more info on Guardian Avionics.
  • New HUD Display Option. You now have the option in the “HUD” or Heads Up display blue buttons to display your current Lat/Lon position. The HUD also now includes a new Countdown Timer. The Countdown Timer allows you to set a time to automatically countdown after passing an assigned waypoint within your Flight Plan.

For more information: FlightGuide.com

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