Re-introducing the Florian Rotary Pinkers

Overall Manufacturing of Scappoose Oregon, reports it has obtained exclusive rights to the Florian Rotary Pinker. The hand-held rotary pinker has been used for decades in the covering of fabric aircraft.

The Florian family of Plantsville, Connecticut, produced these pinkers starting in the mid 1930s and continued until the fall of 2007 when they shut down production, according to Overall Manufacturing officials.

From the Florian family, Overall Manufacturing has received all the spare parts, equipment, and exclusive rights to manufacture and service the Rotary Pinkers. Company spokeswoman Lynda Elaine explained they are now set up for refurbishing pinkers that are already in service. Production of new Rotary Pinkers is expected by the beginning of 2013.

Starting in January 2013 the Florian Pinkers will also be available at Wicks Aircraft, Stewart Systems and Aircraft Spruce and Specialty.

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