SkyVision Xtreme launches second generation portable ADS-B system

SkyVision Xtreme has released its Generation 2 (G2) Portable, a fully transportable ADS-B transceiver system for use with iOS, Android, and Windows devices with Wi-Fi capability.

The SkyVision G2 Portable features a sleek new enclosure made of highly durable plastic, which decreases the weight from over 11 pounds to 7 pounds, company officials said.

Customers can also purchase the G2 Portable with an optional battery backup, which notifies users of power loss/interruption. The battery backup allows users to know when power to the UAT has been interrupted and eliminates the need to reboot the entire Portable for momentary power losses, officials note.

As with all portable systems from SkyVision Xtreme, the G2 Portable includes the Xtreme Vision display software to provide 3D Synthetic Traffic display (patent-pending) with 360° swipe panning and full ADS-B weather. The Xtreme Vision display software also features a new single-touch-pan feature to ensure ease of use of weather functions on any display screen, according to company officials.

SkyVision G2 Portable uses Wi-Fi to transmit the Xtreme Vision display software to any Wi-Fi capable iOS, Android, or Windows display in the cockpit. There are no subscription fees or multi-user charges for this system and a virtually unlimited number of devices with different operating systems can be used simultaneously.

SkyVision G2 Portable, like the first generation Portable, comes pre-wired, ready for flight, and utilizes the NavWorx ADS600-B, a Universal Access Transceiver (UAT), which will meet the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B mandate for ADS-B In/Out. Also included are a suction-cup mounted UAT antenna, a GPS antenna, and a power plug. The ADS600-B offers pilots the opportunity to later permanently install the unit.

The form factor of the system is similar to that of a briefcase and can be easily stored during flight. The complete system requires only three wires for operation, including two antennas and power to a 12/24V cigarette lighter plug. All wires, antennas and equipment are stored in the case for transport, company officials said.

Owners of the first generation SkyVision Portable can upgrade to the G2 Portable for $100 plus shipping.

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