Social networking site for North Carolina pilots goes live

GREENVILLE, N.C. – Newly launched is East Carolina Aviators, a website dedicated to the aviation community in East North Carolina. The social networking website provides a channel where aviation enthusiasts are able to meet and interact with registered members who share the passion for aviation.

The idea of creating the website came from a student pilot, Israel Mueller, who took on the task of customizing the environment that is now available online.

“I have always been interested in aviation, and last year I was finally able to start learning to fly,” he said. “It wasn’t until I started ground school that I realized this hobby would require a good amount of my time and dedication, but there was one thing missing. I was having difficulties meeting and staying in touch with other student pilots, instructors, and aviation enthusiasts.”

That’s when the student pilot, an Information Technology professional, used some of his skills to create a social networking website dedicated to aviation. After a few days of testing and troubleshooting with volunteer members, the website was made available to the public early last December.

“I thought the website would be an interesting channel for people to get connected with others who share the passion for aviation. I hope it allows the local aviation community to meet and stay in touch,” says Israel.

The website is still in its infancy, with a total of 29 registered members as of Jan. 6. “Even though we are still new, I have already seen a variety of aviation fans registering and starting to interact on the website. I’m really excited about the project and look forward to seeing the community grow!”

East Carolina Aviators also publishes a list of flight schools around East North Carolina, as well as s a calendar with known upcoming events. Aviation businesses, flying clubs, and airports are welcome to submit event details to be listed online.

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