SunState Aviation Flight School opens new base at GIF

SunState Aviation Flight School is expanding in Florida, adding a new base of operation in Winter Haven (GIF).

The satellite facility is the flight training base for Polk State College’s new pilot science program. SunState Aviation Flight School has contracted with Polk State College (PSC) to provide flight training to students enrolled in the program, at Winter Haven Municipal Airport.

sunstateSunState Aviation Flight School has been operating from its original base in Kissimmee for more than a decade, specializing in accelerated training.

“When PSC announced their new pilot science program, we recognized this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the young men and women who will be filling the crew assignments of general aviation and commercial carrier operations for decades to come,” said Steve Graham, founder and CEO of SunState Aviation Flight School.

The new base of operations in Winter Haven officially opened for business Jan.2, with the first class of Polk State College students entering the program with the start of the Spring semester on Jan. 7.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us and for the students we’re serving at PSC,” says Graham. “With flight students from the college mixing with our traditional customers who come from all over the world, we’ll be training students who see the commercial and economic potential of an aviation career in a way very few new students have before.”

Overseeing the operations at the new base is Jamie Beckett, known to our readers for his Politics for Pilots blog.

For more information: 407-944-3592,


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