NAFI webinar to discuss group’s future

Bob Meder, the new chairman of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) will hold a webinar Wednesday, Jan. 16, to discuss the future of the organization.

The one-hour webinar begins at 7 p.m. Central time.

Meder will be sharing his views about NAFI’s future in the wake of the resignation of executive director Jason Blair. In a newsletter to members, NAFI officials said the webinar “will be an open discussion about the future of NAFI to solicit your input regarding the direction that you, the membership, would like NAFI to take.”

Officials note that participation in the webinar will be limited to the first 20 members who log in, “to ensure everyone has an opportunity join in the conversation.”

NAFI officials add that Meder plans to conduct these online meetings on a monthly basis, so there will be “many opportunities to participate.”

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  1. Rudolf Y Villarreal says

    I’ve always adhered to the saying that states:(IF YOU HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT SOMEONE OR SOMETHING..SAY NOTHING AT ALL..).
    therefore I”LL say nothing about NAFI

  2. Jim Bemiss says

    NAFI needs to fold its tent and go away. It did little for low time hardworking flight instructors other than collect dues. Even EAA didn’t want them.
    About the only benefit I saw was that a few high time instructors got to raise the hourly rate $5 over everyone else because they had bought the “Master Instructor” designation.
    Like many other so called “professional” groups it was nothing more than a mutual admiration organization started by someone as a means of primarily collecting a paycheck. It contributed little to the vast majority of CFI’s across the country.

  3. Dan Courtney says

    I’ve been member of the NAFI for many years. I was a certified Aviation Vocational Teacher in NY for 15 years (Full time part time/retired now 2 years) and taught 11 and 12 graders how to fly. Taught ground school in AM and PM flying the vocational students at the local airport. I was a part time ATP/CFII gold seal. Never made any real money as a CFI but the vocational school gave me a fair living. I had a wife two children and not for the school job I would need a full time job and flying weekends only. But I enjoyed teaching as a part-time CFI and felt rewarded with my graduated students. But no way could I become a Master or Associate CFI due to other flying activity needed for MCFI or ACFI never mind renewing every year. I would very much like to see part-time CFI’s recognized for their hard work.
    Tally Ho!

  4. Jim Hackman says

    NAFI has be unable to attract the membership numbers it needs to be viable. The emphasis on the “Master” program was fine but the potential number of Masters is insufficient to support the organization. Until NAFI offers a perceived benefit for the hundreds of young hard working CFI’s out there they are facing an uphill battle. You can’t build a professional organization when you too often regard the majority of those practicing as unprofessional. Many of us were taught to fly by those “low time, time builders” and frankly I probably gave some of my best and most through instruction in the first 500 hours of dual given. Your opportunity to to appeal to both levels and attract them to pay dues!
    Happy New Year, Jim Hackman 1467895 CFII/ATP

    • Emily Dashwood says

      Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

      I agree, it seems that low time/timebuilding CFIs consistently get a bad rap. Yet it’s these folks who keep the costs of GA down by providing a needed service at fire sale prices.

      No one ever seems to recognize this fact.

      Fuel costs go up? Aircraft rental prices go up.
      Cost of living goes up? CFIs pay doesn’t.

      It’s clear that everyone from AOPA to NAFI isn’t supporting the folks who need it most.

      • Donnie Underwood says

        I wholeheartly agree. Until we recognize the flight instructor role in the same regards as a needed job such as the airline pilot or corporate pilot, nothing will change. I am a 49 year old full time flight instructor by choice. I have enough hours to make the jump to the regionals, but I would not even consider it. I love to fly and teach. Would love to know what others think.

    • says

      Agree, Jim. I joined NAFI a couple years ago and recently let my membership lapse. I just didn’t see the value from it, compared with what you get from organizations like AOPA, type groups or AARP, for less annual dues. I never got a student from them (but got many through AOPA’s directory & Google). Their CFI search tool was based on my home (rural) zip code, not the zip of the airport. This told me they really didn’t have a clue how geo-searches even work.

    • Todd j. Nicolai says

      I absolutely agree with Jim Hackman…..NAFI has done nothing for those of us that are independent instructor….I have known 3 of NAFI s so called “Master” instructors, and 2 of them I would never get it the cockpit with again…..I have several ideas on how to make aviation more safe, to many to mention here….

      Todd J. Nicolai

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