Sporty’s releases Instrument Rating App

Sporty’s Complete Instrument Rating Course is now available as an iPad/iPhone app.

This FAA WINGS-accepted app includes 13 hours of real-world video and advanced graphics including 3D animations to help explain difficult concepts, Sporty’s officials said. Included with the app is a written test preparation program. The app also includes a flight training syllabus, interactive maneuvers guide and integrated Practical Test Standards(PTS).

“Any pilot who has earned his instrument rating will tell you it’s nothing to take lightly,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “Our course goes beyond simple test prep to prepare pilots for real-world instrument flying conditions.”

Sporty’s Instrument Course app is custom designed for the iPad and iPhone. The universal app allows you to make a single purchase for use on both of your devices. You can also save video segments for viewing when an internet connection is not available.

The included written test prep program features three modes of operation. Use Learning Mode for specific areas of study. Test mode will provide a random mix of questions to provide a simulated exam. Flashcard mode will allow you to answer questions without seeing any answer choices in a self-graded environment.

The Instrument app’s Training Course Outline is a detailed flight training syllabus to serve as your bridge between your online training and the training with your instructor. It allows you to keep a record of progress and document your flight experience.

The interactive PTS is an FAA directive of all the knowledge and skill areas you need to know for the checkride. To make your training and preparation easier, the PTS is cross referenced to the appropriate video section.

Just like the traditional DVD and online versions, the app also allows users to earn the written test endorsement and even receive FAA WINGS credit directly from the app.

Sporty’s Instrument Rating App Demo [4200A] is available as a free download. The entire course contents may be purchased for $199.99 and may be downloaded at

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