Lessons learned from SC glider incident

After a story about the July 26, 2012, arrest of a glider pilot for flying in unrestricted airspace over a nuclear power plant made waves in the aviation community and beyond recently, an official with the sheriff’s department that made the arrest said in a post at AOPA.org that his department had learned several lessons on how to better respond in the future. Check it out here.


  1. Vinnie says

    Still not sure why they didn’t give him the option to be questioned on his own free will. He probably would have complied if given the option. Arresting him is not the only option they had in order to question him.

  2. Roy Beisswenger says

    So the sheriff’s idea of ‘deescalating’ a situation is to throw a pilot into jail on a trumped up charge.

    He’s still a bonehead.

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