Take the guesswork out of fuel decisions

Cockpit Apps, maker of the flight log app iLOG, has launched iFUEL, which helps pilots take the guesswork out of fuel decisions.

The app, available through iTunes for the iPhone and iPad, takes into account fuel prices at each destination, burn rate for the specific aircraft, and ramp fees. It even takes into consideration the possibility of waiving a ramp fee if a certain amount of fuel is purchased, the developers note. Other calculation factors include taxi fuel burn and reserve fuel requirements.

After the parameters are entered, pilots can determine actual fuel costs and how much money can be saved by tankering, down to the penny. Operators can expect to save several thousand dollars a year by using the app depending on the flight profile, a savings they can record and communicate to the aircraft owner, according to the developers.

Robert Creek, career pilot and creator of iFUEL, developed the app to take the guesswork out of his own tankering decisions while flying for an operator in Chicago. He commented, “Quite simply, iFUEL saves me time and it saves my boss money. Plus, it’s easy and it works well.”

The app can be purchased through a link to iTunes found on the company’s website

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