Industry veterans launch The Aviation Alliance

PASO ROBLES, Calif. — A number of industry veterans have joined forces to launch The Aviation Alliance, which will offer remanufactured, modernized turbine-powered aircraft, starting with the Excalibur 421, a remanufactured Cessna 421.

The Aviation Alliance team currently includes the following executives and organizations:

  • Jack Pelton, Managing Director Operations; former Chairman and CEO of Cessna Aircraft

    Jack Pelton

    Jack Pelton

  • Colin Judge, Managing Director Production; former VP of Flight Environments; VP of The Jet Center, Van Nuys, Calif.
  • Maj. Gen. Doug Pearson, USAF (ret.), Managing Director Flight Operations; formerly Commanding General of Edwards Air Force Base; VP Director of Flight Test for Lockheed Martin F-35 program
  • Tom Nixon, Chief Engineer; former Chief Engineer of Sensor Systems; American Aviation Industries; Volpar
  • Corey Schlossmann, Managing Director Finance; former Senior Tax Partner at Price Waterhouse; Partner at Gordon, Fishburn & Schlossmann, LLC
  • Geoff Miller, Managing Director Administration/Marketing; former Founder and CEO of American Aviation Industries
  • Aircraft Technical Service/Ventura Aerospace, one of the largest independent aviation/aerospace engineering firms in the country. Responsible for design, certification, flight test programs and liaison with the FAA.
  • Capital Aviation, long established completion center that will be designing, fabricating and installing new interiors and paint.
  • Oklahoma Jet Center, which is e tasked with new powerplant and related system installations.
  • Clay Lacy Aviation, which will house and operate the demonstrator aircraft. Retail sales will also be organized through their operation.

Pelton, former chairman and CEO of Cessna Aircraft, who is acting as managing director of operations said, “We’ve assembled a who’s-who of aviation leaders and resources on this team to ensure both our mutual success and our customers’ satisfaction. We’re optimistic about the business and proud to announce our first offering.”

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