Innovations: Seeing clearly in the cockpit

Bill Davis, owner of Airplane Things, noted that it’s hard to read a map while flying because of the dim light inside the cockpit. His solution? He created AV-SUN sunglasses, which are made with a gradient tint that fades to clear on the bottom of the lenses, so you have a bright clear view of maps and instruments.

He recently introduced the new AV-Sun 180, which gives better than 180° of sun protection with wrap-around styling. The lenses are made from CR39 ophthalmic resin, which is a lightweight prescription quality lens material that is as clear as glass without the weight. The gradient tint gives you the protection you need when looking outside the plane and fades to clear on the bottom of the lenses for a clear view of maps, approach plates and instruments in low light conditions inside the plane.

Davis notes the gray tint will not change the color of what you are looking at. The lenses have 100% UV protection and are impact and scratch resistant, but they are not polarized.

“Polarized glasses should not be worn by pilots because they block out glare,” Davis said. “Glare from an approaching plane is the first thing you see to avoid a mid air.”

Price: $149.95; $159.95 with bifocals.

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