Innovations: Wash your plane without water

Want to save time washing your plane? Check out the Wash Wax Mop, which will clean your aircraft without water or the need for a ladder.

Invented by Brian Phillips, founder of Aero Cosmetics, the Wash Wax Mop includes an extendable handle or pole, a dual receptacle mop head, and two replaceable micro fiber mop pads. The mop pole comes standard with a reach of 3 feet to 6 feet, while long reach versions are available that extend cleaning out as far as 12 feet.

The twin wrap-around pads were designed to clean airplanes and helicopters with the Wash Wax All waterless cleaning product without scratching the aircraft. Mounted on either side of the mop head, each pad performs a specific task, one for the “wet step” and one for the “dry step.”

Made from specially blended chenille micro fibers, the pads are also washable, company officials note.

For more information: 800 Wash Wax (927-4929),

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