Innovations: Add ANR to your old headset

Many pilots have upgraded their headset to one of the many popular ANR headsets on the market. But what to do for a passenger without a headset or for someone yet to make the leap to an ANR?

If you have an old non-ANR headset, consider an ANR Kit from Headsets Inc., which makes kits for a variety of popular models, most priced at $169 or $189.

Headsets Inc. even has a kit installation video available on its website that should dispel any concerns you might have about taking a wire cutter to your beloved headset.

For more information: 800-876-3374.


  1. Gil Jennings says

    I have flown with headsets modified by this company for 6 years. I have nothing but praise for the quality of sound that they produce and wouldn’t trade them for any other off the shelf headset. I have had both mine and a passenger headset modified with their electronics.

  2. Richard says

    The link you have posted for the ANR kit is absolutely worthless. That site is nothing but a site that has different company’s websites on it and I guess they get paid every time you click on a link. I never could find any info on a kit. Even when I put ANR Headset Kit in the Search box on their site, no kit info came up. This was a complete waste of tyime for me.

  3. cmartin says

    I think I’m pretty computer savvy but I can’t find ANR Kits using the web link to the site. Could you provide a more direct link? Thx. cm

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