Innovations: Add ANR to your old headset

Many pilots have upgraded their headset to one of the many popular ANR headsets on the market. But what to do for a passenger without a headset or for someone yet to make the leap to an ANR?

If you have an old non-ANR headset, consider an ANR Kit from Headsets Inc., which makes kits for a variety of popular models, most priced at $169 or $189.

Headsets Inc. even has a kit installation video available on its website that should dispel any concerns you might have about taking a wire cutter to your beloved headset.

For more information: 800-876-3374.


  1. Gil Jennings says:

    I have flown with headsets modified by this company for 6 years. I have nothing but praise for the quality of sound that they produce and wouldn’t trade them for any other off the shelf headset. I have had both mine and a passenger headset modified with their electronics.

  2. The link in the story has been updated as well.

  3. The link you have posted for the ANR kit is absolutely worthless. That site is nothing but a site that has different company’s websites on it and I guess they get paid every time you click on a link. I never could find any info on a kit. Even when I put ANR Headset Kit in the Search box on their site, no kit info came up. This was a complete waste of tyime for me.

  4. I think I’m pretty computer savvy but I can’t find ANR Kits using the web link to the site. Could you provide a more direct link? Thx. cm

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