PilotWorkshops.com acquires ZD Publishing

PilotWorkshops.com has purchased the assets of ZD Publishing, including the copyrights and inventory of ZD’s 21 different pilot-friendly GPS manuals.

Written by ZD Publishing founder John Dittmer, an ATP-rated CFI, these manuals have been used to help pilots master their panel-mount and handheld GPS units produced by Garmin and Bendix/King, according to company officials. The entire inventory of manuals is now available from PilotWorkshops in download or print format.

“We’ve been working closely with ZD Publishing since 2011 and have received tremendous feedback from our customers who have purchased their manuals. In particular, pilots appreciate the task-oriented nature that quickly gets to the root of what a pilot needs from their GPS. They focus on getting something done as opposed to the ‘buttonology’ focus in many manufacturer manuals,” said Mark Robidoux, president of PilotWorkshops. “In particular, we’ve talked with many IFR pilots who are frustrated that they are only using a small fraction of their GPS unit’s capability because of difficulties in learning some of the more complex operations. Gaining mastery of those operations is the core value these manuals provide.”

“We’re proud of our contribution in helping pilots become proficient with their GPS units,” said Dittmer. “We know PilotWorkshops can do a good job of carrying the ‘pilot-friendly’ message forward as they had quickly become our largest distributor.”

Dittmer will continue to write manuals and updates for PilotWorkshops in the future.

PilotWorkshops.com was founded in 2005 and is best-known for its free “Pilot’s Tip of the Week” emails received by more than 100,000 pilots each week. Created by a roster of nationally known flight instructors and experts, the tips cover single pilot IFR operations, weather, airmanship, ATC communications, emergencies and more. PilotWorkshops also creates and sells a range of pilot proficiency programs, including its IFR Mastery scenario-based training.

For more information: PilotWorkshops.com

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