Aviator’s Practical Organizer debuts

Making its debut is the Aviator’s Practical Organizer, a new system that helps student pilots organize and understand the knowledge needed for the oral and flight exams.

Created by Teresa Guillemot, the Aviator’s Practical Organizer (APO) is an organizational tool for private, instrument and commercial student pilots that help them compile and organize all the pieces of information necessary to successfully complete the oral exam and flight exam. The APO is customizable to the student’s flight training and specific aircraft while ensuring he or she has met all the requirements and tasks outlined in the Practical Test Standard.

“Using the PTS as an outline, the APO guides the student through the training requirements and captures all of the disparate pieces of information into one easy-to-reference tool,” explained Guillemot. “One of the most stressful components of flight training is the practical test, which is the oral and flight exam. Knowledge is power, and the APO puts the student in control of the relevant information he or she needs to grasp to successfully pass the oral exam.”

The APO also works as a checklist and progress report, she noted. As each component of the PTS is completed, the student can add the appropriate information for that section. Using a binder format, the APO features tabbed sections that correspond to the PTS, making topics easier to digest and retain. When it’s time for the oral exam, the student not only has everything needed to succeed, he or she has a complete training record of the rating that can be referenced for future Biennial Flight Reviews and other recurrent training.

“The APO doesn’t instruct, it organizes. Only your instructor can provide the best training plan for you. The APO supports and reinforces what the instructor is teaching on the ground and in the air,” added Guillemot.

She recently donated 50 copies of the APO to The Girls in Flight Training (GIFT) Academy, a program that offers free ground instruction and flight training for women in all stages of training, from first-time fliers to those working on advanced ratings. The nationally recognized event was held Nov. 3-10 in Vernon, Texas.

In addition, Guillemot spent the week helping the women organize their study materials and coaching them on how to prepare for their oral exams. At the end of the event, two participants successfully completed their Private Pilot’s oral exam and check ride.

“Being a part of GIFT was an extremely rewarding experience. After spending a week working with the women, you couldn’t help but become personally invested in their success,” said Guillemot. “The week also reinforced that this tool is very much needed in the flight training environment.”

The Private, Instrument and Commercial APO is available for $49.95 at Aircraft Spruce  and Aviation Universe. It can also be ordered at ThePracticalAviator.com.

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