DAHER-SOCATA delivers 38 TBMs in 2012

DAHER-SOCATA reports  that 38 TBM 850s were delivered in 2012 – representing the fourth best year for the company’s TBM aircraft family since 1990.

The 2012 deliveries bring to 622 the total number of aircraft received by customers, of which 298 are TBM 850 – the latest version of DAHER-SOCATA’s turboprop aircraft family.

According to General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) year-end shipment and billings figures, the 38 TBM 850 deliveries last year represented an 18% share of its market segment.

The majority of TBM 850s purchased in 2012 were acquired by U.S. customers (66%). Canada ranked second, with 13%, followed by Brazil and Germany’s 8% of the 2012 sales. One sale was achieved in the U.K. last year, where the market is showing signs of recovery, while Thailand joined the club of TBM countries with a contract for its first TBM 850 in June, company officials said.

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