Overhauling, and more, for 35 years

TULSA, Okla. – Aircraft Specialties Services is celebrating 35 years in business in 2013.

Founded in December 1978  Aircraft Specialties Services started with a single Storm-Vulcan cam grinding machine and the goal of supplying reconditioned cams to local engine overhaul shops around the Tulsa airport. Word spread that the company was providing high quality work at a reasonable price. In time, more machining capability was added to handle connecting rods and crankshafts.

Aircraft Specialties Services logoEventually shops and aircraft owners from all over the country started sending batches of steel engine parts to Aircraft Specialties Services for evaluation and reconditioning. Along the way, Aircraft Specialties Services has engineered repairs, adding a parts department to assist customers complete field overhauls, and offers a choice between new and recondition engine parts. They have grown to be among the largest aircraft engine machine shop in the United States employing 38 people today.

The company recently launched a new e-commerce website specializing in hard-to-find engine parts. From cylinders and gasket sets to tires, batteries, paints, polishes and hardware, the website enables customers to shop at their convenience.

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