Snap-On Industrial debuts FOD ratchets

Snap-on Industrial has introduced three new ratchets that meet foreign object damage (FOD) and foreign material exclusion (FME) conformance.

These ratchets are ideal for aviation and other critical applications where FOD and FME prevention is crucial, company officials said. The ratchets are FOD and FME compliant because the coverplate and reverse lever are permanently affixed to the ratchet head with rivets to prevent the chance of small parts from separating from the tool.

The new 3/8” drive ratchets feature Snap-on Industrial’s Dual80 Technology, which include dual pawls and an 80-tooth gear for more power in less lateral space (1/4” drive has 72 gear teeth). The ratchets are also designed to have a low profile to fit in tight spaces, and work with the shortest swing arc, providing better access to restricted areas.

Another feature includes added teeth – seven teeth come in contact with the gear to provide extra strength and durability; sealed head keeps dirt and other contaminants out of the head mechanism, according to company officials. All three ratchets come with a black industrial finish to prevent any chrome chips from breaking off and becoming FOD.

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  1. Mack says

    That gave me a chuckle! I’ll wear a “clean suit” next time I work on my Cherokee!
    How about all those safety wire clippings? Oh, the wrench handle is also a “super magnet”
    that collects those, maybe?
    Chrome chips have been a real problem, removing those , my empty weight went from 1700 pounds to just 1500 pounds.
    I got sleepless nights though, worrying about my magnetized hydraulic lifters!
    Life’s a b****, and then you die!

    • Dave Palacios says

      I Don’t know about any magnetism?? when i can aford them I buy Snap on! No substatute for fit and durability, warrenty etc. As for chipping chrome, never have even worried about it! The platting quallity is superb!!!
      If you find a tool magnetized, it had to be induced in use and is your reponsibility to recognize it and deguase as needed before magnetizing your lifters.

      • Mack says

        Dave, I’m glad that you, like me, have not been able to pick up any stainless, copper, or aluminum, with the wrench handle.

        My point is, I’d rather have a wrench coated in chrome, rather than one coated with silly euphemism.

        I do have a Snap-on chromed rachet wrench, which I bought in 1969. It’s 72 teeth, it still works superbly, and no chrome has flaked off. It was made in the USA.

        Dispensing with the chrome was a cost saving measure, not the silly “FOD” euphemism.

        Dispensing with “made in the USA”, could be another cost saving measure.

        I do hope the quality of the wrench does live up to Snap-on standards, but I feel a bit hoodwinked on the FOD thing, especially since the finish on the wrench appears to be a cheaper coating than the polished chrome on my old model.

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