CFI Tools releases General Aviation app

CFI Tools has released the latest addition to the CFI Tools catalog: The General Aviation App, CFI Tools General Aviation 1.01. This release consolidates a number of existing apps and some upgraded new features.

The consolidation wraps the apps in a single standardized package known as a Universal App. Nine existing apps have been retired as a result of this release, company officials note. The package includes Weight & Balance, Takeoff & Landing Distance, Nearest, Crosswind Calculator, Holds, and VOR. In addition there are new and upgraded Weather Apps and a new E6B with dozens of aeronautical functions and conversions.

CFIToolsThe General Aviation app is a universal app. This means you can buy the app to run on your iPhone or iPad and run the same app on your other iOS devices. In addition the App has been customized to run on multiple screen sizes. For example, the Current Weather feature fills a single page on the iPad. The same information on the iPhone fills five pages that are scrolled left to right.

“We are very pleased to release this new General Aviation App,” said CFI Tools owner Brian Best. “We have built this upgrade to consolidate years of experience with these aviation apps. We hope the restructured pricing scheme allows more users to take advantage of this experience. And we also hope it allows us to continue providing apps on this platform for years to come. The upgrades in these utilities are a direct result of comments and requests by the pilots who use them. I expect to continue this process on this new platform.”

CFI Tools General Aviation 1.01 is free and available  through the App Store in the Navigation category.


  1. Ido S says

    Please make it clear that CFI tools is NOT a free app, it’s free to try for 30 days; subscription fee applies thereafter.

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