Free app for jet fuel shopping released

Fuel Bidder has launched its jet fuel marketplace application., free for aircraft owners,  harnesses the power of open competition to deliver the lowest possible jet fuel price at virtually any airport in the world.

“ is ideal for air charter or executive jet flight departments wishing to save time and money when shopping for jet fuel for their regional or worldwide operations,” says Paula Gruber, marketing manager for the new app.

It takes about 10 seconds to initiate a fuel price request on the app, she noted. Input your uplift date, airport, preferred FBO (if any), estimated fuel volume and set a deadline for when you would like to receive all final price offers. The app then automatically sends your price request to every registered fuel supplier at your destination airport. Suppliers submit their competing price offers, which are ranked from lowest to highest, until your deadline is reached. Click on the supplier you wish to purchase fuel from and communicate directly with them through the app’s messaging system to conclude your transaction.

“Many aircraft operators are only requesting prices from a handful of large suppliers,” cautioned Gruber. “I think aircraft operators would be surprised at how many local or regional jet fuel suppliers can actually compete with the larger global suppliers.” allows users to request pricing from hundreds of suppliers, both regional and worldwide. “We are signing up more and more jet fuel suppliers everyday from airports all over the world who are eager to expand their client base,” explains Gruber. “And due to the app’s competitive environment, suppliers are more willing to make special offers below their normal prices.”

Some of the benefits to operators of the app include:

  • Receive offers from a much larger number of suppliers.
  • Obtain fuel prices that are below the suppliers’ normal pre-set fuel prices.
  • Free for aircraft operators and very easy to use.
  • Price offers are presented in a coherent format.
  • Operator’s identity remains confidential until a supplier is selected and all operator data is secure through Norton’s Symantec Website Security.

The app is available on PC and Android, and will be available at the iTunes store for free download to iPhone or iPad in the near future, company officials said.

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