Survival training in emergency water landings offered

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has teamed with Antipodean Aviation of Australia to offer survival training in emergency water landings for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

The course covers pre-flight planning and emergency water landing techniques, as well as escape from a submerged aircraft cabin and sea survival techniques, including life preserver and life raft familiarization, and search-and-rescue operations. In addition to extended flights over water, this training is useful for crewmembers ditching an aircraft to avoid landing in a residential area or in rough terrain, officials note

Offered by the Office of Professional Education of Embry-Riddle’s Worldwide Campus, the course is now available to members of the aviation industry and students. Once started, participants have 30 days to complete a theory-based online course. They then receive one day of practical training in the pool at the university’s Prescott Campus, using a simulator known as a portable shallow-water egress trainer.

Participants choose from two versions of the course:

  1. Aircraft Ditching, Escape and Survival: This option is designed for general aviation (recreational, sport, private and commercial) operations for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. It is similar to a helicopter underwater escape training course but more comprehensive.
  2. Aircraft Ditching, Escape and Survival with Emergency Breathing Systems: This option is intended for flight crews who use emergency breathing systems such as a helicopter aircrew breathing device, a helicopter emergency egress device or a survival egress air device.

The course is $750 per person.

For more information: 386-226-7694 or

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