NTSB to consider new safety alerts for GA

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Transportation Safety Board will meet today to consider five Safety Alerts aimed at reducing the number of general aviation accidents. A Safety Alert is a brief information sheet that pinpoints a particular safety issue and offers practical remedies to address the hazard.

Each year the NTSB investigates about 1,500 GA accidents in which about 475 pilots and passengers are killed and hundreds more are seriously injured.

The safety issue areas under consideration at the Board meeting will include:

  • Reduced-visual-reference accidents, including controlled flight into terrain and uncontrolled descent to the ground due to spatial disorientation
  • Aerodynamic stalls at low altitude in daylight visual weather conditions
  • Pilot inattention to indications of mechanical problems
  • Risk management for aviation maintenance technicians
  • Risk management for pilots

General Aviation Safety has been on the NTSB’s Most Wanted List since 2011


  1. Will Weatherbee says

    The FAA has issued these warnings for years. What makes the NTSB think that
    people will listen to them? I guess the NTSB is looking for a way to take over the
    FAA and become the definative authority for all transportation. Like I have always
    said, if the crash does not get you, the NTSB will.

  2. says

    It really sounds like the same old stuff. Why not deliver he info in terms that
    clearly describe the event in relation to everday experiences. Instead of “CONTROLLED FLIGHT INTO TERRAIN” say something like” —“FLYING INTO THE GROUND” or “NOT SEEING THE GROUND AND CRASHING INTO IT” . A stall is simply “FLYING TOO SLOW”. I agree that simplified terminology in not concise, but who cares if the general idea is understood however inaccurate it may be. The use of acronyms in rapid succession can make the speaker appear a bit snooty and turn off the listener.

  3. AJ says

    So the NTSB is issuing Another safety bulletin and yet the FAA is basically removing ATC facilities at the majority of GA airports…. Does this not make sense to anyone else??

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