Twins earn pilot’s licenses after celebrating only four birthdays

PELLA, Iowa — Twin brothers Dan Fredrickson and Josh Fredrickson, who were born on Feb. 29 in a leap year, passed their private pilot checkrides March 1 — the first day they were eligible for the test.

Dan and Josh, now 17, took their checkrides with an FAA-Designated Pilot Examiner at the Pella Municipal Airport (PEA). The twins completed their first solos as student pilots one year earlier.

Dan and Josh completed all their training at Classic Aviation, the FBO at Pella Municipal Airport.

The boys were often asked who would take their checkride first, and the answer was simple — Josh. That’s because Dan had flown first during the last lesson before the checkride, and they take turns.

Dan Larry and JoshLarry Vande Voort was their primary instructor and has been working with the boys since their first lesson at age 13. He worked with the boys this summer to complete their tailwheel endorsement in Classic Aviation’s Citabria. Dan and Josh have also received instruction in many other aircraft, including complex and high performance airplanes, FBO officials note.

Dan and Josh are juniors at Pella Christian High School, and have worked part time at Classic Aviation for two years. Both would like to pursue a career in aviation.

When asked if they would recommend learning to fly to other high school students, Dan responded “I would tell them to ‘go for it.’ Hard work pays off and in the end it’s very satisfying.”

“Flying is just about the best thing that has happened to me, so I would recommend it to other students,” Josh added.

When asked if they had any heroes in aviation Dan named Bob Hoover, while Josh named Chuck Yeager.

The twins are the sons of David and Lori Fredrickson, and grandsons to Jim and Ann Fredrickson and Bill and Ann Burns.

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  1. Ray Klein says

    Yeah, that makes me crazy too. It’s a certificate. Just like when I see yolk instead of yoke. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!! I think I’ll go lie down.

  2. Joseph N Greulich says

    Congradulations to you both, That is a special milestone in both of your lives, and you will proud of. Every pilot that has flown knows how you feel. Fly safe, for every hour flown will bring adventure !

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