Nominations open for Air Show Hall of Fame

The International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) Foundation is looking for nominations for the Air Show Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame was created in 1995 to recognize those who made significant contributions to the air show industry. It is currently home to more than 47 people representing the pilots, stunt persons, announcers, producers, aircraft designers, builders and other innovators who have changed the face of air shows forever. Some past inductees include Bob Hoover, Curtis Pitts, Patty Wagstaff, Sean D. Tucker and Paul Poberezny.

“They say everyone is a hero to someone,” said Hall of Fame chairman Steve Oliver. “This is an opportunity to recognize those who have brought the air show industry forward and who have inspired us all.”

Submit nominations using the Hall of Fame Nominating Petition, available for download at

Eligible nominees include pilots, announcers, stunt persons, producers, designers and builders, but are not limited to these categories. Candidates must have made a contribution that had a significant impact upon the air show industry; the contribution may be demonstrated through showmanship, performance or innovation, and may encompass a single accomplishment or a body of work. The candidate must have entered the air show industry a minimum of 10 years prior to the year of nomination.

Deadline for submissions is July 1. A selection panel designated by the Foundation Board of Directors will choose this year’s inductees. The induction ceremony will be held during the annual ICAS convention in December in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The ICAS Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history, and recognizing the advances of, the airshow industry. In addition to the Hall of Fame, the Foundation’s programs include several aviation scholarships and a Family Fund to assist families when tragedy strikes within the air show community.


    • Victoria Croston says

      Debby Rihn Harvey gets my vote as well. I know her personally to be one of the most professional and personable pilots anywhere. Her skills are awesome, and her mentorship of future pilots, male and female alike, is second to none. Debby is one of the best representatives of aviation ever!

  1. TIDE ferrari racing, palm beach, tom davis,jr. says

    Mary Gaffney, Miami first woman to win World Aero Championship, Russa [1966 ?] Gave me my commercial check ride @ New Tamiani Airport,Miami 1965. TIDE ferrari racing, palm beach, tom davis,jr. Save the MIAMI Marine Stadium.

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