Showcase Sprints and Cat Shot debut at SUN ’n FUN

A pair of fun events for performance enthusiasts will be held at Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport during SUN ’n FUN, which is slated for April 9-14. “Here is the opportunity to demonstrate your piloting precision and test your airplane’s performance in a time trial,” organizers promise.

The events will be held Wednesday, April 10, during the fly-in’s daily Showcase segment.

The Cat Shot is a timed launch from flag drop to the 6,000-foot mark on the runway where timers will clock elapsed time. Aircraft will be launched one at a time. Sprint contestants will continue their takeoff and run a short 25 nm closed course, finishing overhead to stop another clock.

All participants must pre-register here. This process will collect all the usual paperwork data. Specific classes will be determined by participation. This first event will be limited to single engine piston aircraft. The numbers of entries are limited by the available time slot during a busy convention, organizers note.

A mandatory brief will be conducted prior to launch during SUN ‘n FUN. Immediately prior to launch, another short briefing will be conducted for roll call, weather briefing and change updates.

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