Airshow performer joins IMC Club board

The IMC Club has appointed air show performer and former United States Unlimited Aerobatic Champion Mike Goulian to its board of directors.

Goulian, co-author of a series of books Basic and Advanced Aerobatics published by McGraw Hill, which became the industry standard for aerobatic flight training manuals, is an  instrument pilot with over 7,500 hours including more than 500 hours of actual IMC, according to club officials.

IMCClubLogoNEWBorn in Winthrop, Massachusetts, Goulian has competed in aerobatic competition, flown air show displays, and has also raced in the Red Bull Air Race World Series. He was born into an aviation family, which founded Executive Flyers Aviation, one of the largest flying schools in the Northeastern United States in 1964. Michael’s father Myron Goulian (also known as “Mike”) was an FAA examiner. Michael learned to fly before he could even drive a car and soloed a Cessna 150 on his 16th birthday.

He began his aerobatic training in 1985 during his pilot study. He then established an aerobatic school within Executive Flyers Aviation. He worked his way toward the top ranks of airshow display flying and competition aerobatics and became US National Champion in the Advanced Category at the age of 22. In 1995, he became the US National Champion in the Unlimited Category. He was a member of the US Aerobatic Team in 1994, 1996 and 1998.

Goulian is one of only seven people to have been awarded all three of the airshow industry’s most prestigious awards: the Art Scholl Memorial (2006) Showmanship Award, the Bill Barber Award for Showmanship (2009), and the ICAS Sword of Excellence (2012). He is also a Lifetime Member of the IMC Club.

“In the world of professional corporate flying and airshows, the safety culture is passed on through a mentor or a senior pilot who passes on their knowledge to a less experienced associate,” Goulian said. “The IMC Clubs rely on this atmosphere of constant learning, which is a system that I truly believe makes for a safer and more well rounded pilot. It’s an honor to join this organization as I feel it can make a significant impact on safety for pilots who want to utilize their aircraft on more than just beautiful VFR days.”

IMC Club, through its nationwide chapters, provides organized “hangar flying” focused on building proficiency in instrument flying. Believing that safety and proficiency are developed through education and experience their monthly meetings use real world scenarios to engage members and allow them to share and build their experience.

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