Celebrating the 75th anniversary of ‘Wrongway’ Corrigan

Now on YouTube is a song by the Irish band, the Corrigan Brothers, celebrating the 75th anniversary of Douglas “Wrongway” Corrigan’s flight from Floyd Bennett Field, New York, to Baldonnel Aerodrome in Ireland on July 18, 1938, making history with his 28 hour and 13 minute flight.

Lead singer Ger Corrigan explainsthe inspiration for the song: “Every Corrigan gets called ‘wrong way’ at some stage in their life and we suspect that Douglas Corrigan always intended to fly to Ireland and his story was a ruse to avoid the strict regulations of the time. He, perhaps, should be renamed ‘Right Way’ Corrigan.”

The singer adds the band is currently researching their family tree and “are confident of finding a link to Douglas.”

“We are hoping to perform the song in the very spot Douglas landed on July 18, 2013, provided we have clearance from air traffic control,” Ger added. “We will log our song plan and will not deviate from its course, unlike good old Douglas.”

The Corrigan Brothers are currently recording their second album “Our Favourite Irish Songs” and will begin a world tour in October 2013.

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