Fifth edition of ‘The Pilot’s Manual: Private Pilot Syllabus’ released

The fifth edition of “The Pilot’s Manual Private Pilot Syllabus” is now available from ASA.

 This updated syllabus offers a flight and ground training course for private pilot airplane certification and meets both Part 61 and Part 141 requirements, according to company officials.

Flight lessons are presented side-by-side with their coordinating ground lessons. The syllabus includes “Optional Reviews” in each stage, allowing the student to review material when necessary, yet still follow the syllabus and maintain progress.

An airman certificate rating application, checkride checklist, and all necessary instructor endorsements for pre-solo, solo, and cross-country flights, as well as endorsements for aeronautical knowledge and flight proficiency, are included. Appendices contain all stage exams as well as a syllabus for Basic ATD integration.

Price: $12.95.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the update!

    I didn’t realize until a year or so ago that most of these are available as free downloads (PDF). Great to just download and load on your e-reader (iPad Books, or Kindle, etc).

    Just choose eBook PDF on ASA’s site under Other Versions on the right. Free checkout.

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