World Aircraft chooses Vertical Power VP-X for LSA

World Aircraft Company, a manufacturer of  Light-Sport Aircraft, has chosen the Vertical Power VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System for all its aircraft electrical wiring and to control the lights, trim and flaps.

The VP-X integrates tightly with the Dynon SkyView EFIS, allowing pilots to monitor the status of individual devices and manage the entire electrical system right from the EFIS.

The VP-X replaces 80-year-old thermal breaker technology with modern solid-state Electronic Circuit Breakers, company officials said. ECBs can detect short circuits, over-current conditions, and open-circuit faults.

“We are using the VP-X on all of our EFIS equipped aircraft as a modern alternative to the old method of mechanical circuit breakers and complicated wiring,” said Eric Giles, president of World Aircraft Company. “We’re able to keep the instrument panel very clean looking. The VP-X makes wiring easier for us and allows us to offer multiple panel configurations without complicated re-wiring. We install all electronic modules and wiring on a shelf behind the instrument panel. The VP-X allows us to build the complete electrical system in our avionics room and then install the completed shelf in the airplane. This allows for a well laid-out and efficient electrical system that is easily accessible while sitting in the cabin seats. And, thanks to the VP-X, the entire shelf can be removed in minutes for modification or repair.”

“The VP-X offers a tremendous amount of capability at a very affordable price,” said Marc Ausman, president of Vertical Power Inc. “We’re glad to be working with World Aircraft to expand our offerings in the Light-Sport Aircraft market.”

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