VFR into IMC kills three

Aircraft: Stinson 108. Injuries: 3 Fatal. Location: Dicken, Texas. Aircraft damage: Destroyed.

What reportedly happened: At the time of the accident, the pilot had over 600 hours total time with over 200 hours in make and model. He did not have an instrument rating but had logged 3.8 hours of simulated instrument flight time.

It was not determined whether he obtained a weather briefing prior to launching for the night flight. The conditions on the night of the accident were instrument conditions with overcast skies at 500 feet. There were no eyewitnesses who saw the takeoff or accident.

The wreckage was located in a pasture area of rolling hills by a local resident, approximately 1.25 miles southeast of the departure airfield.

Probable cause: The non-instrument rated pilot’s decision to fly in night instrument meteorological conditions.

NTSB Identification: CEN11FA247

This March 2011 accident report is provided by the National Transportation Safety Board. Published as an educational tool, it is intended to help pilots learn from the misfortunes of others.


  1. Ed Seaton says

    Will they ever learn?I learned to fly in 1946.And they was killing thereself and others back then.And they are still doing it now.Mybe if the Flight Instructors made Flight Reveiws tougher that might help.

  2. says

    More about, “now that I mastered how to fly” I CAN DO ANYTHING ego mentality!
    And as you stated Paul , the inocent lives lost who TRUSTED this dudes judgement.

  3. Paul Ramsay says

    That is such a shame. After all that we as pilots are taught, pilots still make the trip into IMC conditions instead of waiting for better weather. The “get there itis” has taken it’s toll on many a pilot. My condolences to the families that were affected by this tragedy that could have easily been avoided.

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