New book advises would-be owners how to legally avoid sales and use tax

It doesn’t matter if you, “are a resident of Texas, took delivery in Kansas and registered it to a Delaware corporation,” says Aero & Marine Tax Professionals CEO Thomas Alston. “If your aircraft enters the the state of California any time in the first 12 months of your ownership, the state can assess a use tax on your airplane.” And that tax can add nearly 10% to the purchase price of your general aviation airplane.

How to legally avoid sales and use tax on your next aircraft or vessel purchaseAlston’s new e-book titled, “How to Legally Avoid Sales Tax on Your Next Aircraft or Vessel Purchase” is written to educate all would-be aircraft owners, regardless of state, on the importance of education and purchase planning.

In California, the state can levy a use tax on an owner, within the first twelve months of possession, if the aircraft is registered in the state, OR stored in the state OR used/flown in the state.

The book is available for $29.99 by calling 916-691-9192 x108 or at the Aero & Marine Tax Professionals website.


    • MCC says

      Whew, now that’s an old joke. Of course, the IRS has nothing whatsoever to do with state sales taxes, which is administered by the states, and which the book is clearly about. But, hey, don’t let facts get in the way of a good opinion…after all, Fox News doesn’t.

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