WingX Pro7 upgraded

Hilton Software has updated its FlightShare technology to enable pilots to share flight plans and other flight information on the ground or in the air, even with no Internet connection.

FlightShare employs a one-to-one and one-to-many distribution capability enabling pilots to share flight information with one or more pilots on the network.

Hilton Software also added compatibility for the new iLevil ADS-B receiver with built-in AHRS, the new Zaon MX1090 ADS-B traffic receiver, Sagetech’s Clarity receivers, and the new SkyguardTWX receivers. All are unique and expand the ADS-B capabilities of WingX Pro7 and all are FlightShare compatible, company officials note.

Ananda Leon, Research and Development Lead at Levil Technology, said “The iLevil’s processing power and features are incredible, yet it is WingX Pro7 that is able to represent all the information seamlessly on a clear and sophisticated display. The split-screen functionality is perfect when displaying your PFD and GPS navigation simultaneously. When combined with an iLevil, the sky is the limit.”

Zane Hovey, founder of Zaon Flight Systems, said “Expanding PCAS XRX detection, WingX Pro7 now supports our new MX1090, which adds ADS-B traffic with global reach. We strongly feel that combined PCAS technology has become essential for today’s airspace, and we’re excited to match this with the capability of WingX Pro7.”

Kelvin Scribner, president of Sagetech Corp., added, “Hilton Software is a natural partner for Sagetech. WingX Pro7 leads the field with support of Clarity’s internal phased array antenna weather receivers which give our customers access to free in-flight weather beyond the fringes of advertised ADS-B coverage, in particular at lower altitudes. WingX Pro7 is the first app to support Clarity SV synthetic vision AHRS, demonstrating a shared passion for pushing the envelope that makes our companies kindred spirits.”

WingX Pro7 updates are available for free on the App Store and iTunes. WingX Pro7 Version 6.9.2 is planned to be available in early April. WingX Pro7 is compatible with and optimized for iPad and iPhone running iOS 4, iOS 5, or iOS 6.

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