Emergency Maneuver Training, Stall/Spin Awareness now available as iBooks

Rich Stowell recently announced that his books, “Emergency Maneuver Training” and “Stall/Spin Awareness,” are now available through Apple’s iBookstore.

An expert on loss of control, Stowell produced the books, as well as four DVD programs,  to address spins, emergency maneuvers, and aerobatics. He was on the team that created last year’s FAA Safety Standown, presented the FAA’s first safety webinar earlier this year, and has given more than 300 safety seminars and 8,600 hours of flight instruction.

According to Stowell, “Converting the books to electronic format has been a long time coming, and I couldn’t have done it without fellow author and pilot Reya Kempley of Starflight Press.”

In June, Stowell will celebrate 25 years as a full-time aviation educator. He is the 2006 National CFI of the Year, an eight-time Master Instructor, and a charter member of the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators. He has logged more than 33,000 spins and 24,000 landings.

For more information: RichStowell.com


  1. David Gaeddert says

    Have downloaded *sample copies* of books mentioned. Will likely purchase after reading samples. Will do book report after reading, and after purchase. Love flying. If was going to get killed by stupid actions, employers would have done so years ago.

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