OpenAirplane enters beta

Rod Rakic, OpenAirplane‘s co-founder, boldly proclaimed, “the only thing that can save aviation is aviating,” at last summers AirVenture. OpenAirplane desires nothing less than to “make renting a plane as easy as renting a car.”

“This weekend we started beta testing the the OpenAirplane app. We completed the on-boarding of our first Operator,” noted Rakic. “We signed up our first Pilot. He booked the rental, flew the plane without having to endure a local checkout, rated and reviewed the Operator, then paid for the rental with our app. The Operator rated and reviewed the Pilot when he got back.”

As development continues, I asked Rakic if they have a launch date. “We should have a better idea of when we’re opening up the service by Sun ‘n Fun next week.” Stay tuned.


  1. MJB says

    A program similar to this worked well in the early 80’s with the Beech Aero Clubs. Checked out in one club location , checked out in all locations. I do remember they had a special checkout procedure for the Los Angles area, but that was the only exception. System worked well until the GA downturn.

  2. Joseph Doubek says

    Great program. Having flown with the CAP for years and taken their Form 5 check rides (done to better than PTS standards) as well search check rides and mountain flying check rides. I’ve often wondered why somebody (insurance companies?) Couldn’t set up an national system where CAP check rides would allow me to rent 172s or 182s (the main fleet of CAP planes) anywhere in the U.S. without spending a couple of hundred for a check ride to rent a plane. I know I’d do more flying when not in our home town if a program such as yours was available to CAP pilots.

  3. says

    Thank you Ben!

    We are having a fundraising campaign for our future aviators.

    Please share and help contributors add GIVING KIDS WINGS FLIGHT ACADEMY to
    their Donation List.

    Warm regards,

    T. Curry

  4. Mike Crim says

    I ***LOVE*** this idea, and have been following it since I first heard of it a few years ago… I’m excited about how this will (hopefully) impact/ influence the industry. I’m glad to see they are embracing technology and moving forward! Can’t wait to sign up! Keep up the hard work!

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